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My name Cynthia, a former Corporate America burn-out turned Serial Entrepreneur!

I have always loved fashion more so Jewelry and Accessories, the two have been my favorite parts of fashion. I noticed that even after wearing a stylish and attractive shirt what would catch people’s attention was the jewelry and accessories, the best necklace, earrings, purse or boots.

This love and passion for jewelry and accessories would push me to take a great risk and I created my own business. I was looking for an engagement which would give me financial freedom, offer great flexibility while at the same time building an establishment which will endear both men and women.

The One Stop Social was born, with an aim of providing men and women affordable accessories and statement pieces. We are a highly motivated business, specializing in jewelry and accessories for busy people looking to elevate their outfit. We passionately believe in providing our customers with great bargains, excellent services and high quality products. We are committed to giving the best, ensuring that our customers are satisfied at all times.

Our products are handpicked. We strive to provide something that you will love wearing. We constantly test the product to ensure that they are what our customers need and at the same time ensure they meet the quality standards.

We highly value our customers’ feedback, we go every length to ensure that we provide what they need, jewelry and accessories that will meet their need while taking care of their pockets. With our products, you will get trendy and fashionable wear. Through handpicking, listening to our customers and a regular review of our stock ensures that we have what the market needs.

If you’re looking for something unique, The One Stop Social the right place. . We aim at improving your confidence through providing jewelry and accessories that you need, the kind that look good on you.
Have fun Shopping with us!